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Flashing Lights

11185748_10155565933380235_868634321_nEnough is never quite enough, or is it?

Oh but it is. The concept of the idea of ‘enough’ could be argued for centuries. There are individual limitations that exhaust how much one can take, tolerate, and/ or accept.

You can never love enough, you can never be too passionate, too kind, too polite, respectful, and considerate. Those qualities have no line for enough. Run skies and oceans with them. But I warn  you, often you need to tip toe around who you grant the too much to, it’s the question of who deserves it most.

Tell me, how many times does a kid need to be slapped to learn a lesson? A good child wouldn’t need it once, a cheeky one would perhaps require it once or twice but a bad kid deserves the third. By no means this is promoting child abuse, just take it as a metaphor.

As I recall, I know you love to show off
But I never thought you would take it this far
What do I know, flashing lights



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SOS, there is a ‘shoeclication’

Message received
11:13:00 am, 21.01.2015: Image received.
Message sent
11:13:30 am, 21.01.2015: “Love the Shoe boo”
Message received
11:13:55 am, 21.01.2014 “Zara, $40 I’ll buy you one.Just on my way back to the office"

10934202_10155174460500235_1351642966_nIt was instinctive to find depth in such a simple image of this attire.But that split moment captures a wide element of society’s demands and expectations.

What does that even mean, I asked? She replied, well, the society is the shoe, we are the aching foot and in some cases even the forcefully bent toe.

I laughed hysterically at how ridiculous she sounded, forcefully bent toe she says, but it could work.

We unnaturally mold the arch of our foot to meet the painful aesthetic demands of society. It’s uncomfortable and not necessary therefore you would agree that it is self-inflicted pain. But why do we put ourselves through it?

10934184_10155175330285235_1634837341_n ‘Noor’ she said, the paradox is we claim to be numb to critics although we are aware and abiding. It’s a script. We are purely incentivised to do this in order to categorise ourselves into what we perceive as elite. Elite? High end? Unattainable & Exclusive?

The photograph captures the pride we carry to conform and simultaneously steering clear of associating with conformity. Ironic.

It was starting to get way too technical so we joked about how we had a ‘shoeclication’ on our hand, it was a serious shoe complication.


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