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A ‘Hensy’ Week in Japan!

Relationships are everything. As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know” and never this has been truer. I’m friends with a group of besties who joined me on a trip that I considered a distant plan in my future.

We took on Japan!

First stop was #KYOTO – a simplistic, spiritual and delicate city. Luckily, we made it in time for the Cherry Blossom season so the place was covered in pink and white flower petals. The best thing to do is walk around the town, visit temples, and don’t forget your camera, you’ll love photographing random Geisha’s walking around.

What not to do? don’t be loud (the neighbours will tell you to lower your voice down in your own apartment) & don’t be too spontaneous with your food adventures, walk in restaurants have generally 3 seats and can’t cater for seven Middle Eastern super #Hangry monsters at the same time.

The second and final stop was #TOKYO, yas. A jumbo Time Square, but bigger and in my opinion even better. It’s buzzing day and night, chaotically ordered, and by far one of the cleanest mid cities I’ve ever seen.
There’s much to do in Tokyo – great atmosphere, expensive high-end shopping, plenty of food options, fun themed restaurants, clubs, and highlight was definitely the karaoke bar room, hilarious when you are with a gang of not so vocally talented females trapped in a room with sound proof walls and loud tunes. Other things to do *blank*.

Also recommended you try and hop on the Bullet Train – something to do between cities.

Apart from the travel and discovery part, I’m eternally greatful for the love, time and efforts spent to get me to every place and moment. All I had to do was pack a bag, pop a xanny and hop on a plane. Lesson – it’s important to laugh and have fun at your own expense, this ain’t over yet, the best part is yet to come …


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Expression of Freedom

12168048_10156256605195235_797969416_nFreedom of expression I suppose is our individual right to express our ideas and opinions freely, and with that comes exchange of opinions and agreements as well as criticism and disagreements.

I tend to articulate my thoughts in writing or through imagery that marry to lyrical words of things  that often only make sense in my own mind. I’ve received more feedback that says “I don’t get it” instead of ” I see” and my response is always “It’s my vision, you don’t need to understand it”.

“Pointless Noor, you need to cater to the reader, isn’t that the point of writing?” few have said, however; if I were to do that I’d be limiting my voice, and spoon feeding your eyes things that most likely you don’t even care about, so I choose otherwise.

Without variation we’d be bored. If we all wanted to listen to Jazz, we’d not appreciate Rap or Soul. If Diana told Harry to be just like William, then Kate would of had a problem choosing between William and Harry. Now you’re thinking, how do these examples even relate? They don’t need to, but I believe they do.

Music, dancing, art, writing, reading, debating, screaming, crying, fighting, hugging, kissing, sleeping, travelling, laughing, eating, fashion, understanding, kindness, the sun and rain – in my opinion, are the most expressive forms of freedom.


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