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Can one be too honest?


The perks of being a night owl is that you receive calls in the early AM which take an interesting turn; it makes you question things in loud silence. Where do you draw the line?

 She said: “Noor, I was too honest, it’s a big mistake to be too honest”.

Isn’t it odd that honesty has become such a negative impulse? We are commended for telling a white lie as though it’s a considerate thought and a generous favour to the opposite party.

Pathetically enough, the truth always gets you in trouble, but no action comes without a consequence. Would you not rather lay it out on the table, be honest, suffer the temporary punishment than cover it up and have it cloud over you for days to come.

Dear darling, let me tell you that honesty does set you free because no lie goes unnoticed.

Further research: After a lengthy duet with Kathem this morning, he even agreed that if you don’t like the colour red on flowers, just say it – if you know what I mean.

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I’m jealous of the wind

Timothy McKenzien, known as ‘Labrinth’, is a twenty five- year old English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer.

He was the first non-talent show artist singed on by Simon Cowell. And what do you know, music is all he’s ever mastered.

His popularity stems from his singles ‘Beneath your beautiful’ & ‘Let it be’ but it is in ‘Jealous’ where he shows off his vocals and talent. Luckily, his ‘spotlight’ moment in the music industry has not hit just yet, this means that I can still hear the huskiness in his voice and the piano keys when he sings.

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