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Sweet Sydney


From Paris to Berlin I’ve written about my favourite cities of the world, but it’s Sydney that I don’t speak of too often.

Sure enough, we take advantage of the things that are good to us, and don’t appreciate the good for us, so sweet Sydney here it goes..

What about you that I love?
To begin with, I mean, you could do a little more to improve the social scene, a night life similar to one in Barcelona or Mykonos never killed anybody, right?
I lied, maybe it has, but don’t you know that one must suffer for the greater good of a party life.

In some cases, and don’t get all sensitive on me please, the term ‘multiculturalism’ means that you are home to rejects of different parts of the world. It’s not your fault. Your mother and father Government do it wrong, don’t they know that they need to try before they fly?

You’ve also got a little traffic problem, but that’s probably because everybody just wants to be around you or on you or in you or something.

Other than that, you’re perfect.

You my dear have the most beautiful beaches in the world. You are safe,trouble free, you warm me up and cool me down. Your constant contribution to the excess percentage body fat is on point. For my career development I thank you, and for my education opportunities through my deductible tax income I show gratitude to you. And as I crunch my 500th Kettle chip of the night I am certain that I will wake up tomorrow alive because even if heart failure is a risk tonight, it’s 000’s emergency call that’s guaranteed to save the day.

Apologise that things have gone pear shaped, but truly, there is nothing more beautiful than the city of sweet Sydney.


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I’mma get one of them

“Can I just say, I turned around expecting to find an unattractive young man with his music really loud like yours, well because I was just in New York last week and that’s what they all do. But instead I found a young beautiful lady, wow; good on you make sure you keep pumping it up. We are just heading out to the city; it’s her birthday today. Enjoy your night.”

She then drove off.
What am I talking about you ask?
This is how it went..

It was 5 pm on a Friday afternoon, cruising in peak hour traffic, jamming to Usher, “Players when you see me, act like you know me, I keep a dollar worth of dimes, you know pimpin’ aint easy”. In most occasions, whilst driving, noise outside the car is an indication that the music is not loud enough, so I took care of it, as I generally do.

When I stopped at the 300th red light of the day, I noticed a black S class Saloon Mercedes on my right, a well put middle-aged lady driving with her friend, roughly 50+ years of age, two of which began to stare in my direction. I glimpsed over and saw the driver speaking, assuming she was having a conversation with the passenger, I minded my business, plus I wouldn’t hear an explosion if it happened in front of me.

I looked over to analyse how the beige leather interior marries with the black exterior, yes perfect, then noticed that she began shouting at me – ME, WHAT?
I turned the music down ready to defend myself because I knew I was going to get lectured by a woman who has a problem with my loud tunes – how dare she. Instead, she graced me with compliments and embraced my youth.

I explained that I’m definitely not the favourite neighbour in the hood; so she laughed and she said, “Oh don’t worry about them, they don’t know how to have fun”.

The light turned green, I made a wrong assumption, and that was that.


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Elegance is refusal

Step aside Paris, Sydney’s turn has just arrived. The Mercedes Benz Fashion week is just starting to heat up, with young designers and fashion retailers such as IXIAH & Freelance Shoes showcasing their latest and next season’s designs.

Some say that being into fashion is rather superficial. I’m going to disagree, and disagree a little more, O and one more I’ll disagree. Miss Coco said it well, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. It is in the sky, in the streets, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.


Kindness if fashionable, generosity is fashionable, passion is forever stylish, simplicity is trendy, individuality is sexy, and composure is damn fine.

Put all that aside now, if you can’t choose between a vegan or a pot head, choose sweet, you’ll get lots of lovin’ and you get to eat some meat. How this relates to fashion? Just press play. A voice that doesn’t date, and what doesn’t date always remains relevant, and relevance is affected by time, therefore; being timeless is fashionable.

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