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A surprising Madrid

It’s known that Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in Spain so you expect it to look as sharp as they say it is, Madrid on the other hand has been a wonderful surprise.

Seeing the city for the first time shuffled all my presumptions of what I thought it would be. I expected it to be dated, instead it’s archeitectually modern, naturally spacious and has all the features that a city should have, that being white European historical buildings, a great Castle, a huge natural park, great food, and a calm crowd.

No doubt, if you walk outside the city the surrounding neighbourhood does feel like Spain with it’s narrow streets and apartment blocks that are covered in painted walls.

Do I recommend you visit Madrid? Absolutely. After spending few days there, and travelling with two food finders, here is what I recommend you do?

1- Visit the Parque De El Retiro: Natural park, and absolutely gorgeous.
2- Visit Jardines De Sabatini: Castle for great views
3- Walk around the city centre
4- Their Art Gallery is also a must do for those that enjoy casual visits.

In terms of food & drinks, here’s our favourite hot spots:

1- Bump & Green: An organic cafe for Breakfast or Lunch, one of my favourites so far.
2- Pum Pum: A cute cafe, outside the city centre, great good and you get to feel the neighbouring suburbs of Madrid
3- El Sur: For lunch or dinner, has traditional Spanish food
4- San Gines: Churros, of course, this is a MUST

You can’t leave Spain without some Sangrias. to see the view of the city the NH Collection Hotel has a hidden rooftop bar where you can snap away the city of Madrid, along with the Oscar Hotel with it’s chilled bar scene and delicious cocktails.
If you’ve been, what did you like most?

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Ola, Barcelona !

Barcelona is heaven of beautiful food, architecture, history and scenery. Few years back I visited this city under a different shade of youth, one that I remember for it’s party life and beaches. This time I’ve explored the city more romantically with the one I love; a touch of softness as we’ve roamed around the streets and learned bit by bit of how it all came about.

With extensive research ( I just learnt that my husband is an excellent researcher )  we’ve been able to find great places to eat, stay and visit. Here’s our top picks:

Things To Do:

  • Hotel recommended to stay at is El Palace, Barcelona 1991 – the lobby is enough to make you enjoy your trip.
  • Visit the Sagrada Familia, wow wow wow, spectacular.
  • Visit the Magic Fountain of Montjuic but make sure you research in advance when the light show is on.
  • Art lovers, the Museum Nacional D’Art De Catalunya is a MUST see!
  • Keep your eyes open for Guadi’s work around the city.
  • Walk around the La Rambla, a standard tourist attraction.
  • For a touch of casual food visit Mercado de la Boqueria Markets located in the hub of the city and taste fruits and local meats.

Places to Eat:
  • Alsur Cafe for Breakfast / Brunch
  • Brunch & Cake for Breakfast / Brunch
  • La Pepita for Breakfast / Brunch
  • Tosca for Lunch / Dinner
  • Ciudad condal for Lunch / Dinner
Spain is known for it’s Churros, here’s the favourites we came across:
  • Granja Dulcinea Xocolateria, good chocolate but average Churros.
  • Granja M. Viader, Churros and Creme Catalana, excellent, our TOP pick.
  • Churreria J.Balcells, casual but really good chocolate
We tried few Paellas but are yet to find a really good spot, putting our money on Madrid.  It was a memorable time, a great city and that’s a wrap from Barc and onto the next ..


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Day Dreaming


A day dream, an intoxicating formula of poetry and music
Where Nazar meets Gipsy Kings in Roma
Sipping on a white specifically outside in the Piazza de Voirie
Just allow me for a second
Please, I beg

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