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Politely rude

Yesterday, a mini argument on the tube between two people gave me the chuckles. Why you ask?

Fact: Man trying to exit the train at his destination but accidentally bumps into another passenger.

A Englishman’s fight goes like this ..

Man 1: “Excuse me, you have a voice you could have just said please for me to move instead of push me over”
Man 2: “Sir, I didn’t push you over, I was simple trying to get out”
Man 1: “Oh, so you do have a voice, maybe use it”
Man 2: “I wasn’t trying to be rude, it was an accident”
… Then walks off.

Few would see the humor in this as all I could think of in that split moment what the conversation would have been like if this was on a train in Sydney’s West.

My imagination ran wild and found myself with three different scenarios whilst trying to replicate this incident. It was a funny start to the day…


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The Tube Experience

It’s a promising sign when the wind starts to blow your hair; an indication that the tube is only a short distance away. The question is why would you be concerned in the first places given that the next one is scheduled to arrive in 2 minutes?

Ladies & gents recharge your batteries because strolling is not an option. Regardless of your circumstance your power walking skills will be tested, can you keep up?

This brings me to the next point, personal space, a foreign term for commuters living in London city. It’s all about getting up close and personal with members of the public. Some good, others bad, but always interesting.

The bottom line is though if convenience and efficiency is what you are after then the tube is “your mate”. It will never let you down!

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