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Power Struggle


I sat in front of this window banner for some time until I memorised the definition of power. It is the “ability to do or act; strength, might, force, capability of doing or accomplishing something”. 

It’s interesting that we often abuse instead of consume the power we have. We see power as an advantage over others, in which case it is, however; it’s not always utilised in the most rational form. With power you can progress or hinder something and/or someone. Through power you can influence, positively or negatively.  In power you can  create or destruct, its unstoppable what one can do.

Naturally, we strive to gain power, but how?

It can be done in two ways. You can forcefully gain power, through monetary means and hierarchy, or alternatively you can gain power through education, specialisation and hard work, but that entails respect.  Individually, we have some sort of power in certain aspects of life, my question is, in which way have you used it recently?


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A home no more

We speak freely about the little things in life, but often neglect to discuss the big issues. An article on Al Jazeera titled Syria: A home no more, addresses the living conditions with an estimated 220, 000 people dead and half the country’s people displaced as Syria enters it’s fifth year of war.

Here are the facts: –

  • In 2012, 100,000 Syrians had been forced from their country.
  • By April 2014, 800,000 Syrians had been forced from their country.
  • Estimated around December 2014, the numbers doubled up to 1.6 million.
  • Today, the refugee population is almost 4 million.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 6.42.37 PM

Just last Sunday, “media activist in the town of Douma in Northern Damascus reported that that more than 30 people, including children, were killed after government warplane launched air strikes targeting residential areas and school”. This is one of million cases.

Further, statistics show that this affects the entire region.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 8.21.18 PM

On a day like today, I can sit and discuss how ‘ISIS’ has significantly contributed to this number, but who was to blame in 2011, and 12 and 13 and the years before it? Hang on a second, so there is a possibility that there are various contributing factors and this might not have to do with religion alone? Oh I see.

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Many questions, so little answers


The above is an image of a Red Cross volunteer carrying the body of a Syrian boy, who died along many others in a snow storm as they trekked through the rugged, snow covered mountains in Syria.

I question why the above doesn’t make prime time news headlines? Isn’t it safe to assume that this falls under categories of tragedy and injustice, all of which are serious global issues that should be addressed. It’s beyond frustrating, but who’s to blame for it?

There is a trending pattern of the ‘we’ fighting against the ‘them’ to prove some sort of a powerful point in the name of insert caption (whatever is chosen to frame the operation). 

And from then on the battle begins, people are killed, lives are changed, and so hope is understandably lost because If hardship is all you see, it become all that you know.

* DING * Perfect!

The media picks up the story, fabricates element of the truth, and broadcasts to create what we call ‘dramatic Television’. The public is then fed information through perfectly written scripts and well positioned visuals based on a decision made by a person of authority (perhaps a manager of a department or a CEO of the company) ensuring that the annual ‘ratings’ targets are met. Pathetic.

While all of the above is happening, and the stupidity of mankind is increasing, who is telling this child’s story and the many more just like him? What would his mother and father have felt? How is this fair?


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