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Talk is cheap

Music, reality, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference

√ Woof   ↔  Woof

[Game On]
Proof  vs  Bizzare

Woof ↵

♣ Then the music stops ♣

þ L Λ ψ

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Near and dear

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 10.19.37 PM

He’s my Elvis and MJ, my example of simplicity and sophistication, and my recipe for emotion, lyric, and music. Kathem al Saher is a singer, composer and poet but also a man with refined manners and great poise.

As a kid he sold his bicycle for a guitar, began writing songs and eventually joined Baghdad’s music academy to pursue his talent. A modern interpretation to classical Arabic music; his style is articulate and expressive, simple yet rich.

How could I possibly have a favourite song?!


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