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Ah Roma,


What the eye sees first it always remembers
Rome was my initial glance at Europe, it holds to be my favourite city
Why do I like it most?

Perhaps it’s the sense of familiarity, or it’s aura
Or maybe it’s character and it’s people’s loud nature
The food is delicious and made with love; it’s touch of old and tradition is inspiring

It’s a sassy city, it’s men and women are well dressed
Their dark skin against their white cotton clothing and scattered Jewellery excites me
It’s an understated classy, not as snobby and straight A as Paris, a city with attitude, roughness and oomph

I love Gelato, it’s a treat that I can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, also brunch and every time I want something to munch
It’s buildings are grand, you walk the city as though you’re walking through history
The Vatican City itself is something else, I’d do it no justice if I attempted to describe it

If you’re planning to visit anytime soon then consider yourself lucky, I’ve just done the hard work for you:
  • Comfortable shoes are a must, but keep it stylish – it’s a crime to let ease over looks take priority.
  • Walk around the city, every street is different, every corner has a huge building with history that interest those that are not even interested.
  • The Vatican City, Museum and Sistine Chapel are a must, waaaaw.

    Now, let’s take a pit stop for food .. 

  • Prepare to CARB LOAD, a term that makes me uncomfortable but you cannot escape it, so let’s make it worthwhile:

    – For traditional Pasta you must visit Trattoria Da Enzo, a really popular restaurant, one I recommend you book in advance to avoid the long wait, trust me you will be waiting.
    – For traditional Pizza, visit Pizzeria Ai Marmi, very casual but delicious!

  • Gelatoooooooo, yes. Take my word when I tell you that we tried every good Gelato in the city, here are the best well known, best ranked and most delicious:

    – Gelato Giolitti ( The oldest Gelato place in Rome)
    – Fatamorgana Gelato
    – Gelato Di san Crispino
    – Gelato Del Teator

    If I was born Italian I’d say Rome’s mid city feels like home, but awkwardly enough I’m not.
    Third time lucky, forth is what I look forward to.
    I call it crazy love ❤

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Two Thousand & Sixteen


The New Year is the perfect excuse to reminisce on the past and determine future resolutions. Typically, the most common resolution is to get fit and eat well, but looking past the physical, what else do you think would be on the list?

After a simple google search it’s found that procrastinating less is a front runner up, meeting new people is another, earning more money, becoming happier, watching less TV, reading more and so on. Whilst all seem fair, individually we seek custom solutions to fit our idea of ‘happiness’.

So what about two thousands and sixteen? According to the Chinese calendar, it’s the Monkey Year. If you were born in 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992,  and 2004, then this year isn’t so good for you – sorry. The good news is, for the rest of humanity it’s perfect for witty, intelligent, and magnetic personalities.

Personally, my resolutions are shaped around the typical of getting fit and eating well, doing the maximum one could, reshuffling priorities, spending every minute possible being awake, few undisclosed changes, and when all else fails, God doesn’t.

PS: Adele’s back.


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One of the most interesting concepts we follow is tradition. I was recently involved in a discussion about the relevance of maintaining tradition and why we do things for the sake of doing them?

A simple google search defines tradition as “the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way”. Using this season as the perfect example, we indulge as a whole in traditions, meaning, we consume a lot of food and exchange gifts, perhaps dress a certain way, use certain colours and blindly follow the same mannerisms we’ve been conditioned to from a young age – unless one chooses to rebel.

The variety of traditions is a fascinating phenomenon. With purpose, they are created to mark a celebration – belonging, joy, emotion, composure, faith, initiation, ending, or various other reasons.

“Do you remember when?” – yep. It goes to show that some of the most memorable moments experienced in a group is linked to tradition. It may not make any sense at times, but it’s arguably the most simple and magical way to commemorate.

Growing up, on the 14th of every September my family would light up a small bonfire to jump over with the neighborhood kids in celebration of the ‘Feast of the Cross’, that’s one of my favourite traditions, what’s yours?

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