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Oh Eima,


With too much to say, I’ll begin by stating that I love her.
She’s the roughest diamond and a world of class.
At times intimidating, but most beautiful.

Eima is ironically strange.
Composure & loyalty are her strengths.
She was born generous.

Courtney E.Martin hit the nail. She goes to explain what a fine woman should be like, her words align perfectly to this individual..

My babe has a sense of humour. Hips to grab on. Openness. Confidence. Humility. Appetite. Intuition.
… Smart ass comebacks. Presence. A quick wit. Dirty jokes told by an innocent looking lady. A woman who realises how beautiful she is.

The older she gets, the younger she looks and feels.
Happy birthday my gorgeous


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Ah, Sheren..

I had framed a hand written note given to me that says, “start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”.
I met her at fifteen. She was unlike anyone that I had ever come across. Her maturity at a young age was admirable, she was out spoken, and her mouth ran with no filter. She befriended teachers and students, barely attended school, very unreliable with time, and almost had no sense of emotion – it surprised me.


Oh boy, it wasn’t all green. She tested my patience and tolerance with what I know is ordinary. I’d look at things white, she would see them black. We argue. She’d lecture me, I’d lecture her and during we exchange lyrical words, no soft tunes by any means.

The constant struggle, more now than before. They say, you grow up and you argue less, not in this case.

That’s right, I had to do what was necessary, which is continuing to preach etiquette and ‘3sool’. The non existing human on Mars is often easier to reach than her. I had to accept what’s possible, she’d never let’s one slip, very stubborn, she can’t be shaken. But at the end we reached the impossible, that is, mutual understanding. She accepts me, I accept her, our motto lives on, “I’m you, and you’re me”.

You probably don’t understand it.

What’s the secret to making this work? Love.

She’s strong in every sense. Her laugh is contagious, she radiates positivity, never have I known someone so humble, graceful and grateful. She is God damn beautiful. She inspires me, comforts me, strengthens me, teaches me and is rude to me. She has bursted every bubble of dream I’ve had, so she continues to shower me with reality.

I’m four days away from walking down the aisle just before her. Proud is not a close enough word, if you only one knew. She’s family; she’s home and she’s weakness.

How I got here? I’ll give you a preview down memory lane …
  • We were Bonny & Clyde.
  • YOU TWO, Chemistry teacher would say, get out of my class, you don’t take things seriously – so we waited outside.
  • “Let’s eat Dolma in out of bounds area on the ramp” – so we did, romantically.
  • Noor opens Sheren’s locker door 3/5 days a week, her bag not there – Ah, bangs door, she didn’t come in today.
  • “Show me you love me, skull the entire sherbet packet in 5 seconds”, I demanded, she executed.
  • Sheren’s phone – 500 missed called & 1000 messages from Noor.
    Noor’s phone – 1 month later, no calls, no messages.
She wrote the note, so for her I’d do the impossible.

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Penelope Fierce

Shere 11

She is one that ..

Tests my patience and plays on my weakness
Teaches me acceptance √ and resilience ∅
Preaches simplicity ϒ and humanity ♥

I would describe her as a dark horse, ♠ mysterious ♠ , sexy , wild and ironically free. A radiating beauty, she is more perfect than perfection.  

I met her walking to French class; ∴ it was love at first sight.
My favourite thing about her: She only laughs out loud when she means it ™.
Agh, she makes me mad, rarely attentive.

But solid, beautiful, wonderful.

So, what about that thing we got going on? Can’t say we were the favourites in any of our science subjects but if you share chemistry like I do with this woman, and if anyone can keep your heart pumping like she does then I’d say we physically aced it.

Happy Birthday Boo
Now fly me away xx

Oh, one more thing, back in 07, this was photocopied & circulated around the Teacher’s staff room- talk about STRONG!


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