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The Rest of Greece

Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece, 2017

The rest of Greece will touch on the two final destinations, that being the Island of Mykonos and Athens itself.

Few years back I visited Mykonos as a young soul, one that was willing, almost unstoppable. Time was not of concern, day could have been night and night could have been day. I proudly held up to the reputation of what the Island is all about, a party Island.

Since then few things have changed. Going back second time round the experience could not be more different. You know you’re getting older when you attempt to keep up with the momentum and buy tickets to see Steve Aoki at Cavo but fail to go because “I’m sleepy” and well, it’s “too much effort”. I question myself at times, what happened to the old me?!

I laugh at this with my girlfriends, it’s simple, we’ve come to terms with the fact that ‘Hey, it’s okay, we’re getting old, let’s just accept it’. That was then and this is now …

Now: On the brighter side of things, we happened to enjoy a more luxurious side of it which is just as good, if not better. Spending time by the pool side and at the beach after country hopping ain’t so bad. The town is as is, except we went overkill eating at ‘Souvlaki Story’ – try it if you find yourself there.

AthensAthens, Greece, 2017

Finally, the bees tire away and the sun comes out, it’s the stopover before we head home. Athens as you see above is a big city covered with white buildings and history, one that is calm but very hot in the summer time.

With no energy left, Athens was spent looking out from a balcony window and reminiscing on every moment my husband and I spent together during this sweet month. One place I definitely recommend you try is “Kalamaki Kolonaki”, a super casual, authentic and delicious food.

When everything is available, appetite is bound to ebb away. The lesson is that God is Magic and patience is a virtue. Trust him and he will lead you. Understand that it’s a blessing to be alive and my favourite part of all is that he will never put you through what you cannot get through.

Mrs Elfar xx


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The end to my beginning .



A few months ago I was flipping through a Vogue Magazine and a line by Queen Latifah stuck with me, she says “It’s great to have plans, but it’s more important to be open to the unexpected. That’s the secret to living a juicy, magical life”.

My experiences have led me to believe that the essential element to everything worth knowing stems from these basic pillars: Loyalty, Respect, Honesty and above all Love. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Pay close attention, often the simplest things are taken for granted.

Nothing for me is original as I’m a combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known. The gone is not to be discounted, it somehow shapes you. Fortunately, mine was daring, it inspired me and stands to be forever beautiful.

I think it’s fair to say for many of us change is inevitable, nothing stands still. Jim Rohn, an American Entrepreneur suggests that in order to grow “you must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills” – I amended both.

Behind every person there’s often a nudging muse, mine is my family. My grandparents have always been the softness in my life, their love is so precious, one to always be treasured. I extend this to my Uncles and Aunties and with a great compliment I also view them as my friends. Edo, if you know me or you know him you then already know that he’s my best friend, my king.

Mum and Dad are my everything despite our occasional natural differences. They taught me that generosity runs in the blood, education is your weapon to success, to earn respect you have to be respectful, and always be loyal. If you can judge a person by their hospitality and open home, then I’m winning. I love them both more than words.

Hind is “made up of depth even oceans couldn’t fathom”, well said Jessica Katoff. As kids we were best friends, she was and still is hilarious and a cheeky little girl. Her glances suggested she was up to mischief and to give you a tip her lips distinctly point when she lies. As teenagers we almost became enemies, I don’t think there were any two sisters that fought over shoes and clothes like we did. I often got the “Don’t wear my things, you’ll stretch them” she thought she was Queen B or something ridiculous, please sit down.  As we’ve matured or arguably not she continues to be a different beautiful, someone I find strong, smart and oh so funny.

My girlfriends receive more attention from me than your average friendship, it’s frustrating and fruitful at the same time. I talk about those that I’ve known for years, our eyes have cried together, and we’ve laughed loud and proud. Through these unique individuals, I began to understand that love is important, but it is never enough. In life we hunger for shields to protect and stand by us and fight for us – that’s how I define the term friendship. They nursed my bleeding heart and simultaneously pushed me towards greatness. In return, I offer them my deepest loyalty, my biggest love, my forever ever after as I would leave no stone unturned to help accomplish their desires.

Then I met him, Zaid, someone with qualities I didn’t think could exist altogether in a whole person. Now, if your opinion is different to mine this very moment then quite frankly it’s meaningless to me.  Allow me to brag – my husband to be is the nicest, kindest, most relaxed but baddest, respectful, wonderful, generous and a loving human that I have ever known. He has an elevating energy, it’s contagious. Some might suggest that I can be a little dramatic at times (I know) and with that my values can be challenged; his never are. He’s my version of Chanel, elegant and timelessly classic. The Elfar’s have fed me love and warmth, it’s a privilege to be part of the ‘Fambam’, just so you know, I do take it very seriously.

Subsequently, it’s safe to suggest that I’ve abused my privilege as a bride. I’ve been spoilt endlessly and without sounding like an awful person I have thoroughly enjoyed bossing people around with commanding orders leaving them with no choice but to agree and do as told. To celebrate all of the above, some of the most precious memories and exciting moments are waiting to be made over the next few days, so ..

My Dear Family & Friends,

To those that have contributed and been a part of our wedding preparations and celebrations this year, thank you. No effort goes unnoticed especially by me as I live for the small detail.

To my Harajuku girls that made my Tokyo dream possible, thank you. It was a huge highlight and I am eternally greateful for your time, effort, and best of all the hilarious moments that we spent together. Remembering the look on your faces as we sat in a row of seven in a quiet room is not only a picture in my memory, but it really does make me laugh out loud – let’s leave it at that.

To my Wine ladies that went above and beyond, I also thank you. Our bond of three extends further than words of hello, it has no boundaries and rarely appropriate so I cannot possibly discuss it publicly. #anatatpen

To our families, our relatives, and to everyone that has shared this time with us, thank you.

Leading by the words of Miss Latifah, I was willing and open to the unexpected so now I’m getting to live a juicy life. Thank you to everyone close and far for the memories, for music and dancing, for the brutal truth, and best of all for all the hugs and kisses. To those that have wiped my tears I hold you close to heart, and the best part of all, to everyone that I have shared a happy time with me it’s with you I choose to start the next chapter with.

Don’t forget that there’s a bigger plan than you, so when in doubt always remember that  “God never lets you go through what you can’t get through”.



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IMage 1

I called this morning to wish the warmest congratulations but I was asked to show the same commitment that I had shown to my few – where’s my birthday post?

I was certain that I had concluded praises & voiced my love to my closest so this is the final to seal the deal.

In life, you’d be lucky to come across three to five genuine people let alone more, fortunately for me I know many, she’s a definite standout.

Those that know her will agree that there is not a lighter soul than hers. Her love for life, commitment to her work, generosity, kindness and affection for her family & dearest friends are a world of their own.

Music seems to evoke a strong calling for her, dancing footsteps late nights and sunrise. One of the most ‘charming’ and immediately identifiable elements about Laurice is her impulsive nature and short harmless temper – you couldn’t stay mad.

The shift, or perhaps battle in the food department is constant. The on going dilemma between the salad vs fried chicken that leaves her tortured over and over again, but what kind of substitute is that?!?! *pause* all good, which country do I go to next?

In a world increasingly characterised by change and volatility, it’s the thing between her and I that we hold to be an exception. For the memories gone, the times now, and the next that’s yet to come, I wish you my precious the happiest, healthiest and most amazing year xxx

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