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She defines the concept of ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’.

Unconventional, quirky, hilarious, brilliant, intelligent, and super fun is what Abbey is.

It’s the dancing and Adele moments,  Canada Water residence, and our London & Edinburgh adventures what makes her my English family.

Happy Birthday Superstar


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Politely rude

Yesterday, a mini argument on the tube between two people gave me the chuckles. Why you ask?

Fact: Man trying to exit the train at his destination but accidentally bumps into another passenger.

A Englishman’s fight goes like this ..

Man 1: “Excuse me, you have a voice you could have just said please for me to move instead of push me over”
Man 2: “Sir, I didn’t push you over, I was simple trying to get out”
Man 1: “Oh, so you do have a voice, maybe use it”
Man 2: “I wasn’t trying to be rude, it was an accident”
… Then walks off.

Few would see the humor in this as all I could think of in that split moment what the conversation would have been like if this was on a train in Sydney’s West.

My imagination ran wild and found myself with three different scenarios whilst trying to replicate this incident. It was a funny start to the day…

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Day 326: It goes like this..

Time stands still for nobody – that is true.

Stuck underground and in a human mosh pit I took notice of a great advertisement – “Despite it’s unconventional nature it has a way of drawing folks closer together, much like the spirit it once housed” Jack Daniels.

I memorised a password, drank a ‘Basil Fawlty’ cocktail at Barts, but Shh it’s a secret.

Watched Mufasa save Simba on stage; oh what a defined physique and voice that man had.

Read a magazine but I can only remember one thing, the back page. So it read, you never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the next generation. That’s marketing genius.

A bucket list point ticked – I went to ‘Winter Wonderland’ in London. Ice skating rink, food stalls, mini markets, and lights. It’s starting to feel like Christmas.

Borough market: heaven on earth for food lovers. It’s the cheese, the cheese that I enjoyed the most.

And till this very moment Missy never lets me down. I conclude Saturday evening with this dated but incredible Gotye cover of “Hearts a mess”. Let the night begin!

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