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 ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦  ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦

 Tell you how


There is something inside you
And it’s hard to explain

There’s something about you, boy
But you’re still the same

♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦  ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦ ♠♦


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What action can’t define.

Buzz feed gathered 28 international words that they believe the English language should steal, and sure enough I agree. So, where did each word originate from? I’ll leave the guessing game to you.  But for now, tell me, what is the first English word that pops in your mind as you read them? 

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Not Happy Jan!

Had I been a person of authority, Sydney’s unemployment rate would have significantly increased in the past twenty four hours.

What would I have done?

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 4.34.30 PM

  • Fired all traffic controllers working at the Sydney Entertainment Quarter for wasting 47 minutes of my life in a car park.
    Reason: Inconvenience.
  • Fired the McDonald’s drive through cashier for taking 7 minutes to make me a Cappuccino at 1 am and almost forgetting my cookies.
    Reason: Customer dissatisfaction.
  • Fired the store manager at McDonald for employing a staff member that allowed the drive through timer to be set off multiple times.
    Reason: Poor staff management.
  • Fired the McDonald attendant for forgetting to give me a spoon to eat my Cappuccino froth.
    Reason: Customer complaint.
  • Fired the McDonald’s serving policy manager for not training their staff to give out spoons.
    Reason: Escalated customer complaint.
  • The missing spoon was very important.
    Reason: The froth is a vital part of a Cappuccino.
  • Fired the drive instructor that issued the man driving in my lane his license.
    Reason: Incompetent driving and danger on the road.
  • Fired everyone responsible or not responsible in all of the above for consuming my mind and having missed my highway exit.
    Reason: Just because.

This morning I would have further contributed to the figures by ..

  • Firing every project developer / property manager / structural engineer / any other parties related including the milk man that had anything to do with the design and construction of Top Ryde car park.
    Reason: WHAT!

BUT I would have hired..

  • Hozier
    Reason: To write a  ‘Take me to bed ‘ song, one that can come handy in the early hours of the morning.
  • Hannah Reid
    Reason: For living. Her voice is incredible!

Enjoy x


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