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Those that know me well are fully aware of the power of ‘Suzie’ and who she really is, and for those that don’t, well, you’re about to find out.

Over the past two days, I’ve spent some time watching a Netflix documentary called ‘Inn Saei” produced by Kristín Ólafsdóttir which discussed the notion of intuition vs logic. It highlights the impact these have on our everyday living and potentially our future based on which we decide to go with. Ultimately these decisions are framed by our personalities and who we are as individuals.


I’ve decided to do a little amateur research of my own, and along with proven studies, my anticipated findings suggest that logical thinking is more common nowadays. The similarities in people’s traits are clear, those that are logical thinkers are less emotional and more calculated thus more risk-averse. It’s the way our education is nurtured, how our workplaces are programmed and how our society positions logical thinkers in a brighter light in making decisions over intuitive personalities because of this idea that rational is correlated to stability and assurance. I wonder though, how have successful artists, musicians, designers, creative people done this? There is no logic in what they do.

What if they never took the chance?

Prior to technological developments, it’s said that people were more connected to their senses and have more awareness of the world around them, which is true. In the past, they would have had to make decisions based on responses to nature, their experiences and perhaps failures. In today’s world, we don’t need to look outside to determine the weather, our phones can tell us the temperature nor do we need to be as ‘confrontational’ because we can address issues over texting or be emailing and in most situations, we receive a calculated response to smoothen the situation. Isn’t doing the same thing over and over again to avoid failure means you will never progress? or is it a level of comfort and security one isn’t willing to give up?

Where does intuition play a part here?

Ian McGilchrist, a Psychiatric and Author of a book called The Master & His Emissary explains that Institution is not just some pink and fluffy feeling. Intuition is the awareness of the subtle stuff which lies outside the focus of attention. The stuff that we’re aware of subliminally and unconsciously and they act to alter us to things that are rather slow conscious mind may not be aware of. They, therefore, are often implicit things, subtle things”. By following your instincts and through experiences I really believe you can almost predict people’s behaviour and their decisions, but at the same time, there’s a chance you get it wrong you then fail.

Is chance a good enough reason to gamble and succeed or is the failure not worth the risk?

That brings me back to ‘Suzie’ my alter ego, my intuitive self, the one thing about me that knows all, predicts all and finds all. I can count on one hand the number of times its failed me, through her I see within, from the inside out – she is always ahead.

Yes, I am emotional, irrational and definitely not logical she gives me purpose, one to never stop.

Don’t you believe me? ask around, for those that know me can tell you.

I would love to hear your take on this, do you agree with the above?
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I’ve got you.

Hey friends,
Many moons ago Frank Ocean wrote a letter to himself, one that was simple, significant and best of all still relevant. I had shared this four years ago, perhaps it was close to my heart and although years have gone by, if you read you’ll get it.
You learn that life moves on, time heals all, you’ll meet good people and bad people, unhappiness is temporary, nothing lasts forever, work is work, worrying is temporary, the bad days fade, perhaps you’ll come across worse or the worst might have passed, if the next comes it will also pass, relationships change, logic is often reasonable, people change, what was five years ago may not be today and that’s okay, you’ll feel happy, what you thought was grand becomes insignificant in time or perhaps it grows greater, unexpected things happen, the past shapes you but the future is what makes you.

Always trust your first instinct, be kind, loyalty is sweet, don’t accept s***, be vocal and stand up for what you believe in even if the world is against you, learn what lines to cross and carry your self with the highest and utmost respect. Don’t start drama and say you hate drama, practice what you preach, and just know that “it is during the worst times of your life that you will get to see the true colours of the people who say they care for you”* – ain’t that the truth?

*Rita Ghatourey

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The end to my beginning .



A few months ago I was flipping through a Vogue Magazine and a line by Queen Latifah stuck with me, she says “It’s great to have plans, but it’s more important to be open to the unexpected. That’s the secret to living a juicy, magical life”.

My experiences have led me to believe that the essential element to everything worth knowing stems from these basic pillars: Loyalty, Respect, Honesty and above all Love. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Pay close attention, often the simplest things are taken for granted.

Nothing for me is original as I’m a combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known. The gone is not to be discounted, it somehow shapes you. Fortunately, mine was daring, it inspired me and stands to be forever beautiful.

I think it’s fair to say for many of us change is inevitable, nothing stands still. Jim Rohn, an American Entrepreneur suggests that in order to grow “you must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills” – I amended both.

Behind every person there’s often a nudging muse, mine is my family. My grandparents have always been the softness in my life, their love is so precious, one to always be treasured. I extend this to my Uncles and Aunties and with a great compliment I also view them as my friends. Edo, if you know me or you know him you then already know that he’s my best friend, my king.

Mum and Dad are my everything despite our occasional natural differences. They taught me that generosity runs in the blood, education is your weapon to success, to earn respect you have to be respectful, and always be loyal. If you can judge a person by their hospitality and open home, then I’m winning. I love them both more than words.

Hind is “made up of depth even oceans couldn’t fathom”, well said Jessica Katoff. As kids we were best friends, she was and still is hilarious and a cheeky little girl. Her glances suggested she was up to mischief and to give you a tip her lips distinctly point when she lies. As teenagers we almost became enemies, I don’t think there were any two sisters that fought over shoes and clothes like we did. I often got the “Don’t wear my things, you’ll stretch them” she thought she was Queen B or something ridiculous, please sit down.  As we’ve matured or arguably not she continues to be a different beautiful, someone I find strong, smart and oh so funny.

My girlfriends receive more attention from me than your average friendship, it’s frustrating and fruitful at the same time. I talk about those that I’ve known for years, our eyes have cried together, and we’ve laughed loud and proud. Through these unique individuals, I began to understand that love is important, but it is never enough. In life we hunger for shields to protect and stand by us and fight for us – that’s how I define the term friendship. They nursed my bleeding heart and simultaneously pushed me towards greatness. In return, I offer them my deepest loyalty, my biggest love, my forever ever after as I would leave no stone unturned to help accomplish their desires.

Then I met him, Zaid, someone with qualities I didn’t think could exist altogether in a whole person. Now, if your opinion is different to mine this very moment then quite frankly it’s meaningless to me.  Allow me to brag – my husband to be is the nicest, kindest, most relaxed but baddest, respectful, wonderful, generous and a loving human that I have ever known. He has an elevating energy, it’s contagious. Some might suggest that I can be a little dramatic at times (I know) and with that my values can be challenged; his never are. He’s my version of Chanel, elegant and timelessly classic. The Elfar’s have fed me love and warmth, it’s a privilege to be part of the ‘Fambam’, just so you know, I do take it very seriously.

Subsequently, it’s safe to suggest that I’ve abused my privilege as a bride. I’ve been spoilt endlessly and without sounding like an awful person I have thoroughly enjoyed bossing people around with commanding orders leaving them with no choice but to agree and do as told. To celebrate all of the above, some of the most precious memories and exciting moments are waiting to be made over the next few days, so ..

My Dear Family & Friends,

To those that have contributed and been a part of our wedding preparations and celebrations this year, thank you. No effort goes unnoticed especially by me as I live for the small detail.

To my Harajuku girls that made my Tokyo dream possible, thank you. It was a huge highlight and I am eternally greateful for your time, effort, and best of all the hilarious moments that we spent together. Remembering the look on your faces as we sat in a row of seven in a quiet room is not only a picture in my memory, but it really does make me laugh out loud – let’s leave it at that.

To my Wine ladies that went above and beyond, I also thank you. Our bond of three extends further than words of hello, it has no boundaries and rarely appropriate so I cannot possibly discuss it publicly. #anatatpen

To our families, our relatives, and to everyone that has shared this time with us, thank you.

Leading by the words of Miss Latifah, I was willing and open to the unexpected so now I’m getting to live a juicy life. Thank you to everyone close and far for the memories, for music and dancing, for the brutal truth, and best of all for all the hugs and kisses. To those that have wiped my tears I hold you close to heart, and the best part of all, to everyone that I have shared a happy time with me it’s with you I choose to start the next chapter with.

Don’t forget that there’s a bigger plan than you, so when in doubt always remember that  “God never lets you go through what you can’t get through”.



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