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In Australia..


  1. Tim Tams are the solution to every world problem; it’s a solid commitment, in sadness and in health.
  2. Where else in the world would ‘Havaianas’ be fashionable? Not that I agree.
  3. The law is always on your side. For example, if a work colleague accidently bumped into you it’s possible that this is a case of ‘sexual harassment’ – sue them!
  4. Customers are ALWAYS right. You can waive almost any policy if you throw a tantrum on social media – try it!
  5. Where a birth of a dolphin is guaranteed to make top news headlines, prime time Television.
  6. When a ‘Parking’ situation during peak hour can be described as a lady on a street corner.
  7. You can evacuate an entire city by leaving a shopping bag unattended – oops :S
  8. Where turtles are faster than trains.
  9. Where a homeless man’s income is higher than yours – this is true.
  10. Drowning can make you famous. You can star in a 30-minute segment on Television and be a hero for surviving – well done!

In all seriousness, to say that we live in the most beautiful country is an understatement.
There is no place like home.
Happy Australia Day!


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