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B a Gh daaad.

Pay close attention to this, Karrada is the heart of Baghdad. It’s Sydney’s George Street, New York’s Time Square, Paris’ Champs Elysees, and it goes on and on.

An explosion at this time of year is similar to a festive holiday, whereby working hours are done, and people are out findings reasons to relax and celebrate, therefore; an event as such is a pure tragedy.

Who was killed? Someone like you and I out celebrating with their friends, catching up over a smoke and playing domino. It could have perhaps been a family out having a meal, or someone walking past just to pass their summer’s night.

Mothers have now lost their children, and some father’s their sons and daughters, and children their parents and it’s never ending.

It’s unjust, do pray.

What I know of the city has no relation to today, and there is no better way to say this than the way he describes this …


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My little one is getting married

Where to begin . . .

We grew up like soldiers, fought wars with giggles and tales back home in Baghdad, Iraq.
It took one cheeky look to know that Hind was up to no good.
She’d run, fall and I was always to blame – how?
Strategic, intelligent, brilliant, composed and funny.

It was Noor & Hind, Hind & Noor, Noor & Hind, Hind & Noor.
We took night shifts watching the insect on the wall- true story.
“You sleep from “9 pm – 1 am” and then I’ll wake you and you do the “1 am -5 am” – we had it planned.
When visited dentists, I had to go first? – WHY
Hairdressers, “Noor, you go first, you are older than me”, then it would be a horrible hair cut and she’d change her mind, looks at mum and say “Mum, I don’t think I want one anymore”.
Gift time, “Noor, let Hind pick, she’s younger”.

Then we grew up, and well, things changed.
Hind became my father, my teacher, my ruler – funny.
So righteous, even my parents began to seek advice.
Now despite all of the above, Hind will forever be my..
Love, home, safety, reality, Ying, comfort, and Clyde.

At best of times we shared love for Kathem Al Saher – سيدة عمري الفاضلة
Love for travel – we share Rome as a retirement destination.
In Spain we partied.
In Turkey we were allied.
In Greece we adopted Tropicana at our hotel room.
In Croatia we shut down the lights of the city.
Then we took on other parts of the world, she’s my map.


It’s not always so glamorous though.
Sir Hilter, we’ve beaten your wars,  trending up to WWXCIX with domestics and exchange of lyrical words over shoes, clothes and bags- typical.
She’s A, I’m Z but together it’s always A & B.

As Mr Legend says, it’s the end of the beginning – touchy subject.
But with her smile.
Even when I lose I’m winning.

Now Dear Hind, it’s this moment we share, let’s go head to head with the favourite man, and the favourite song.

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