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Honey Molasses


A moment captured as I strolled through the Liberty Bridge that connects Buda with Pest across the Danube River. It was then that I fully experienced Budapest. Ironically, in five sweet minutes I travelled five hundred places; my white weapon, avenue to music, and freedom of imagination.

Jill Scott
“Honey Molasses”

In a circle of passion we Paris Italy Japan Africa Rome
We made music, we trombone
It was magic the way it happened
Pure electricity
I felt so inspired and afraid at the same time
I don’t know whether to sing or to rhyme
Call me
Honey molasses, ebony majesty
Chocolate brown shuga, sweet epiphany



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Let’s talk about a man’s shoe

In Budapest some might admire the culture and designed buildings however I can’t help but notice the “hand made” shoe trend; particularly for men.

Perhaps it’s my obsession and fascination with shoes in general but I believe that a man’s shoe speaks on his behalf.

Casual or formal it’s telling a story, though it’s something about the evening formal shoe that defines his character.

An ambiguous statement you might say, fine. But I guess we all have that one or few shallow tendencies- this is proudly mine.

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