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I called this morning to wish the warmest congratulations but I was asked to show the same commitment that I had shown to my few – where’s my birthday post?

I was certain that I had concluded praises & voiced my love to my closest so this is the final to seal the deal.

In life, you’d be lucky to come across three to five genuine people let alone more, fortunately for me I know many, she’s a definite standout.

Those that know her will agree that there is not a lighter soul than hers. Her love for life, commitment to her work, generosity, kindness and affection for her family & dearest friends are a world of their own.

Music seems to evoke a strong calling for her, dancing footsteps late nights and sunrise. One of the most ‘charming’ and immediately identifiable elements about Laurice is her impulsive nature and short harmless temper – you couldn’t stay mad.

The shift, or perhaps battle in the food department is constant. The on going dilemma between the salad vs fried chicken that leaves her tortured over and over again, but what kind of substitute is that?!?! *pause* all good, which country do I go to next?

In a world increasingly characterised by change and volatility, it’s the thing between her and I that we hold to be an exception. For the memories gone, the times now, and the next that’s yet to come, I wish you my precious the happiest, healthiest and most amazing year xxx


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Penelope Fierce

Shere 11

She is one that ..

Tests my patience and plays on my weakness
Teaches me acceptance √ and resilience ∅
Preaches simplicity ϒ and humanity ♥

I would describe her as a dark horse, ♠ mysterious ♠ , sexy , wild and ironically free. A radiating beauty, she is more perfect than perfection.  

I met her walking to French class; ∴ it was love at first sight.
My favourite thing about her: She only laughs out loud when she means it ™.
Agh, she makes me mad, rarely attentive.

But solid, beautiful, wonderful.

So, what about that thing we got going on? Can’t say we were the favourites in any of our science subjects but if you share chemistry like I do with this woman, and if anyone can keep your heart pumping like she does then I’d say we physically aced it.

Happy Birthday Boo
Now fly me away xx

Oh, one more thing, back in 07, this was photocopied & circulated around the Teacher’s staff room- talk about STRONG!


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Mood Board

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