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Expression of Freedom

12168048_10156256605195235_797969416_nFreedom of expression I suppose is our individual right to express our ideas and opinions freely, and with that comes exchange of opinions and agreements as well as criticism and disagreements.

I tend to articulate my thoughts in writing or through imagery that marry to lyrical words of things  that often only make sense in my own mind. I’ve received more feedback that says “I don’t get it” instead of ” I see” and my response is always “It’s my vision, you don’t need to understand it”.

“Pointless Noor, you need to cater to the reader, isn’t that the point of writing?” few have said, however; if I were to do that I’d be limiting my voice, and spoon feeding your eyes things that most likely you don’t even care about, so I choose otherwise.

Without variation we’d be bored. If we all wanted to listen to Jazz, we’d not appreciate Rap or Soul. If Diana told Harry to be just like William, then Kate would of had a problem choosing between William and Harry. Now you’re thinking, how do these examples even relate? They don’t need to, but I believe they do.

Music, dancing, art, writing, reading, debating, screaming, crying, fighting, hugging, kissing, sleeping, travelling, laughing, eating, fashion, understanding, kindness, the sun and rain – in my opinion, are the most expressive forms of freedom.



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Perception of Perfection


When asked for his description of Paradise, Johnny Cash answered:-
“This morning, with her, having coffee”.
If asked  “… ” Oh, wouldn’t you want to know.

“I think perfection is ugly. Somewhere in the things human make, I want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion”.
To be perfectly honest, I can’t agree more with Yohji Yamamoto.
With perfection comes normality, average, it’s all the same.
Then again, it’s our individual perception of ‘perfect’ that is debatable. You could easily see the world through the eyes of what you define as ‘perfect’- Truth.

O, the colour ‘Black’, ‘Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy- but mysterious. But above all black says this: I don’t bother you- don’t bother me.” Yohji Yamamoto.
Black is perfect.

Seal is a model example of perfect imperfections at it’s finest.
A sexy man with a sexy voice.
Yes it has.
“Yes, it’s been an uphill journey, It’s sure’s been a long way com in’, yes it has. It’s been real hard ever step of the way. But I believe, I believe”


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The John Lennon Wall


Prague is a fairytale destination; beautiful & classic but also youthful. It’s the John Lennon wall which contributes to the funk of the city. Symbolising freedom and rebellion against the communist regime in the 1980’s, it’s now one of the coolest sites to visit.

Covered in graffiti, it’s so facinating to see how many personal memories and friendship moments are documented in lyric and words. Some may call him odd but he wanted nothing more than equality, peace and freedom for all and so this landmark is filled with messages of love, hope, and good times.

The complexity of his mind would be interesting to study, although I believe that he found his personal freedom in Yoko Ono as controversial as it was. It is true what the Beatles say,”if you love somebody, you can’t be with them enough”.


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