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Could it be worse?

High above ^^ or down below ↓
But if you never try you'll never know
In time
 Lights will guide you home
 And ignite your bones

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No one sees it like you ..

There is nothing more fascinating than the human brain. Despite the fact that we are all the same our complexities, individuality, and perspectives makes this place we call earth colourful. 

What can’t be understood is often magic. Embracing the concept of ‘creativity’ today, I have selected the standouts at The NSW Gallery. What do you know, even the 5 year old next to me is interested in Asian art pieces – well done parents, you have raised a child with taste. 

 The entire picture above is composed of the below Buddah images.Best of yellow.Beauty.  Sound waves. Sing……….And I always look up to the sky
Pray before the dawn, Cause they fly always
Sometimes they arrive, Sometimes they are gone
Fly on. 


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London Town

Early Sunday morning at Regent’s park, the mood felt relaxed and people appeared at ease. Some were running a 10k marathon, others sitting on benches gazing, kids on bicycle training wheels and dogs running wild and free. It is a nation great of many things; centre of the world and a breeding ground for creativity, nature, fashion, music, and individuality that can neither be taught nor learnt.

Min conversation I was asked what was the point of this post? In simple words I wanted to say that London is a great city. Even more beautiful in winter, it’s just so yellow..

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