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A place I call HOME


She’s a breeding ground for creativity
A place where nations of the world are mixed together
Crowded and congested with no mercy
Wide and long she goes

In storms she yells and weeps
And in sunshine she blazes heat
Powerful and majestic
She possesses individuality that can neither be taught nor learnt

It’s intoxicating mixture of nature, beauty and simplicity has created a unique and one of a kind city, one named Sydney!

[Photograph by Candice EN]



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London Town

Early Sunday morning at Regent’s park, the mood felt relaxed and people appeared at ease. Some were running a 10k marathon, others sitting on benches gazing, kids on bicycle training wheels and dogs running wild and free. It is a nation great of many things; centre of the world and a breeding ground for creativity, nature, fashion, music, and individuality that can neither be taught nor learnt.

Min conversation I was asked what was the point of this post? In simple words I wanted to say that London is a great city. Even more beautiful in winter, it’s just so yellow..

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O Istanbul !

Istanbul, Turkey

I died 100 times until my turbulent plane ride ended but If I had two dying wishes Istanbul was one of and on the list for a must see.

The New York of Europe – magical, sparkling, buzzy and so damn alive.

Famous for it’s refined architecture and sacred sites this timeless city has something on offer for most. Travellers from all around the world are gathered in one strip; you can hear the languages as you walk the streets and feel the culture through food and music. It’s the perfect dose of a Middle Eastern/European experience.

Just as well that this is only the beginning of what i’m about to witness but I have a feeling it’s going to be a memorable one !


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