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Fatal attraction


I associate myself with an exquisite woman that was described as a ‘femme fatale’- one would suggest it’s an undesirable quality, another finds it overwhelmingly flattering.

Personally, I do agree with him. She is everything defined above and more. The question is, what about her that is so captivating for him? Why and how does she fit into his concept of seductive, attractive, and disastrous?

Confidently enough, I’d say it’s her aura, character, perception, traits, and most importantly the strenuous silent dialogue. It becomes irresistible, irreplaceable and eventually undefined.

Eh, Eh, Eh, in anticipation, for precipitation.


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They say some things never change
A gift I call it
What could take you to the ocean and bring you back thirsty is a hurricane of [Candy]
Younger and wiser than most
Not to be underestimated, nor fooled


With cuteness she shines
And experience she preaches
In friendship she grows
Through wisdom she speaks
And with ice cream she bonds

When Twenty-One or Eighty-Eighty
Some things never change
Reciting our ten year anthem by Usher
“You never miss a good thing till it leaves you
but I always know that I need you”
Happy Birthday Candy

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Photograph, my fav.

It’s the only thing that I know. Another night of simple music, the stage empty with one microphone, one recorder.



We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
And times are forever frozen still

It can mend your soul. We stood like/and with sixteen year olds waiting for Ed to come out and sing.


Oh you can fit me
Inside the necklace you got when you were 16
Next to your heartbeat
Where I should be
Keep it deep within your soul
You won’t ever be alone. A man with a soft voice, perfectly coloured sleeved tattoos, impeccable guitar playing, live music.




When I'm away
I will remember how you kissed me
Under the lamppost 
Back on 6th street
Hearing you whisper through the phone
Wait for me to come home
Because at the end of the day it’s one’s character & presence that really grows on you! Have a listen..


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