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Power Struggle


I sat in front of this window banner for some time until I memorised the definition of power. It is the “ability to do or act; strength, might, force, capability of doing or accomplishing something”. 

It’s interesting that we often abuse instead of consume the power we have. We see power as an advantage over others, in which case it is, however; it’s not always utilised in the most rational form. With power you can progress or hinder something and/or someone. Through power you can influence, positively or negatively.  In power you can  create or destruct, its unstoppable what one can do.

Naturally, we strive to gain power, but how?

It can be done in two ways. You can forcefully gain power, through monetary means and hierarchy, or alternatively you can gain power through education, specialisation and hard work, but that entails respect.  Individually, we have some sort of power in certain aspects of life, my question is, in which way have you used it recently?


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