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She’s the man


Featured in this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar is an article titled ‘She’s the man’ which touches base on the reverse roles of men and women in fashion. “With men becoming more feminine and women becoming more masculine, this androgynous development is allowing for one concise, powerful message from the designers” says Justin O’Shea.

Trends have evolved considerably over the decades, but if I were to nominate an era of poise and elegance it would be the 1940’s; a time where men dressed like men, and women dressed like women.

We live in a stretch of innovation, development, and initiative, which embraces the concept of individuality and one’s unique style, but we often forget that going back to basics is the trendiest form of self-portrayal.

Isn’t it just so damn fine when he’s dressed in a tailored suit and she’s in a classic black dress?


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If a lion, a lion roars would you not listen?

Fashion, like travel, goes in cycles. Barbie, the single most successful doll was invented back in 1959, well dressed and very well mannered. To her horror wearing a bikini outfit in this century almost categorises her as ‘overdressed’. She’s had to become a naughty nurse, or a bad ass school teacher, even a cat lady.

Excuse her for a while, while she’s so wide-eyed and down caught in the middle. She might seem so strong, and might speak so long, but she’s never been so wrong.

But can’t you see, she’s overworked. High maintenance has become the norm and more is perceived as more and simplicity is just too damn plain simple.

Unacceptable, but excuse her for a while, she’s turned a blind eye with a stare caught down in the middle.


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