Queenstown, my come back.


Hello, it’s me, it’s been a while. A year of celebrations and successes has left me with little words, being settled is a new feeling, even to me. I contemplated quitting, instead I made it a new year goal to find more time to read and write and less time to be on the phone possibly, it always ends up with a guilty pleasure.

To overlook mountains and greens here in the beautiful city of Queenstown has been on the bucket list for a while, a forbidden territory that I dared not to cross, but it happened that by chance I did, and yes, it’s as perfect as I’ve been told.

For someone who thrives on the buzz of the city, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air and silence, more than I ever have before. It’s fair to say that the city’s scenic views are incredible, I’ve never seen a place more picturesque, more assembled, just right.

What to cover off? The town of Queenstown itself, Arrowtown (a touch of markets), Wanaka (farms and gardens), Cromwell, and Glenorchy ( a spectacular view of brown, blue and green). Few more days to go and few more places to see and what better to start the New Year than here.

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B a Gh daaad.

Pay close attention to this, Karrada is the heart of Baghdad. It’s Sydney’s George Street, New York’s Time Square, Paris’ Champs Elysees, and it goes on and on.

An explosion at this time of year is similar to a festive holiday, whereby working hours are done, and people are out findings reasons to relax and celebrate, therefore; an event as such is a pure tragedy.

Who was killed? Someone like you and I out celebrating with their friends, catching up over a smoke and playing domino. It could have perhaps been a family out having a meal, or someone walking past just to pass their summer’s night.

Mothers have now lost their children, and some father’s their sons and daughters, and children their parents and it’s never ending.

It’s unjust, do pray.

What I know of the city has no relation to today, and there is no better way to say this than the way he describes this …

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KG mentions that ..


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