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When in Bangkok

Let’s get this out of the way, Bangkok would not be in my top cities to visit but there is good in it. I feel a bit conflicted opening this blog story in this way because it’s almost condemning the city as a whole but that’s not the case, it’s just a different idea of ‘relaxation’.

Truth be told, I went there for a short visit for work purposes, but boy we had a blast. We took a Tuk Tuk around the chaotic city, it’s a concrete jungle, a place where I made a vow to never complain about Sydney traffic again.

If you happen to visit and are looking for something to do here are my recommendations:

  • Shop till you heart drops in MBK Shopping Centre, your standard designer shops and places to eat.
  • If you are after a market experience, visit the Pratunam Market, an overwhelming spot for clothes, jewellery, shoes, anything and absolutely everything.
  • Fancy a little fancy? listen up. Head to the So Sofitel Hotel, have a few cocktails at HI-SO rooftop bar followed by a delightful fine dining experience at Park Society.
  • Best of all, jump on a Tuk Tuk, pay the driver double, warn him about how much you value your life and to pay EXTRA ATTENTION to this thing they call road and from then he will take you around the ‘Hidden’ spots of the city for shopping.
  • At the very least, end your trip with a Thai Massage – your hotel should have one.
I understand, this isn’t the full Thai experience but had 2 full days. If you’ve been, where would you recommend?

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The Rest of Greece

Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece, 2017

The rest of Greece will touch on the two final destinations, that being the Island of Mykonos and Athens itself.

Few years back I visited Mykonos as a young soul, one that was willing, almost unstoppable. Time was not of concern, day could have been night and night could have been day. I proudly held up to the reputation of what the Island is all about, a party Island.

Since then few things have changed. Going back second time round the experience could not be more different. You know you’re getting older when you attempt to keep up with the momentum and buy tickets to see Steve Aoki at Cavo but fail to go because “I’m sleepy” and well, it’s “too much effort”. I question myself at times, what happened to the old me?!

I laugh at this with my girlfriends, it’s simple, we’ve come to terms with the fact that ‘Hey, it’s okay, we’re getting old, let’s just accept it’. That was then and this is now …

Now: On the brighter side of things, we happened to enjoy a more luxurious side of it which is just as good, if not better. Spending time by the pool side and at the beach after country hopping ain’t so bad. The town is as is, except we went overkill eating at ‘Souvlaki Story’ – try it if you find yourself there.

AthensAthens, Greece, 2017

Finally, the bees tire away and the sun comes out, it’s the stopover before we head home. Athens as you see above is a big city covered with white buildings and history, one that is calm but very hot in the summer time.

With no energy left, Athens was spent looking out from a balcony window and reminiscing on every moment my husband and I spent together during this sweet month. One place I definitely recommend you try is “Kalamaki Kolonaki”, a super casual, authentic and delicious food.

When everything is available, appetite is bound to ebb away. The lesson is that God is Magic and patience is a virtue. Trust him and he will lead you. Understand that it’s a blessing to be alive and my favourite part of all is that he will never put you through what you cannot get through.

Mrs Elfar xx

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The White Santorini


One of the most famous Greek Islands, Santorini has evolved considerably over the decades. The mood is relaxed and people appear at ease as they glide their way through the town and gather over edges to catch the sunset.

It’s a must see destination for many, a place that is romantic, slow and picture perfect. It’s said to be a ghost time in the winter time, with locals leaving to go elsewhere until the spring season returns.

What to expect from Santorini? Gorgeous views, white domes, and a spectacular sunset. Make sure you stay in the heart of the town and you have a balcony with a view, what is the point otherwise?

Best of all you’ll be eating a lot of Gyros. For recommendations on where to stay, email me directly.

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