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Next Stop | #TOKYO

Listen up ..

One of the most exciting things to happen is to make your dreams come true, no fluffing, no bull****.  More rewarding in fact is to witness the successes of the leaders around you – to extract their energy in exchange for yours.

Lets talk, Tokyo ..

Home to thirty seven million people plus, the key to sanity is to go with the flow. My squad (no disrespect, but this is my time baby) and I are about to walk the streets in a city that has been on my bucket list ‘essentials’ for a while now. A place where it’s impossible to go hungry or suffer design, art, coffee or shopping withdrawals, need I say more ?!

Leaders I mentioned …

Strong, demanding, assuring, tough and rough and most to the core generous men and women; more of more and none of less.

Flow, what’s that about?

” The crowd is an electric mix of handsome young things and grungier, wizened, creative types”  –  can’t fool them, if you think it’s all over then the joke is on you *sings*.

Colour & ART?

Dance, the music is louder than the sound of your steps. You do know that time has past, is passing and will pass so the rest is whatever. Personally, I’m keen to be in a land where I can be a harajuku girl.



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B a Gh daaad.

Pay close attention to this, Karrada is the heart of Baghdad. It’s Sydney’s George Street, New York’s Time Square, Paris’ Champs Elysees, and it goes on and on.

An explosion at this time of year is similar to a festive holiday, whereby working hours are done, and people are out findings reasons to relax and celebrate, therefore; an event as such is a pure tragedy.

Who was killed? Someone like you and I out celebrating with their friends, catching up over a smoke and playing domino. It could have perhaps been a family out having a meal, or someone walking past just to pass their summer’s night.

Mothers have now lost their children, and some father’s their sons and daughters, and children their parents and it’s never ending.

It’s unjust, do pray.

What I know of the city has no relation to today, and there is no better way to say this than the way he describes this …

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You can’t go wrong with …

I’m no foodie, but I guarantee that my recommendations are as valid as if I were Jamie Oliver.

The balmy days of late summer encourage a visit to the The Boathouse in Balmoral. The Market fruit plate and avocado + tomato on charred toast is the perfect option for a light and fresh breakfast.

Travel to Italy down Victoria Road and visit Mercato e Cucina, a place that combines an Italian delicatessen, wine cellar, bakery, butcher, groceries, all authentic in one location. As a breakfast option, I recommend the pan fried eggs & omelette – both delicious meals.

When feeling green, It’s the poached chicken and farro salad at the Coogee Pavilion and the Ramzey’s salad at The Ground of Alexandria that will leave you satisfied. This is true, they are both high in protein and drizzled with a green goddess dressing.

On the naughty side of things, modern chinese at Ms.G’s is often a popular choice amongst the trendy food eaters in Sydney.  After you finish picking the best of small dishes, make sure you be ‘The Boss’ and order this dessert to go with, I promise you won’t regret it.

Want to see more? visit the Food page for more options.


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