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Since 1999 I’ve fascinated by the work of the legendary Nizar Qabbani. His poetic style is described as combination of “Simplicity and elegance, exploring the themes of love, eroticism, feminism, religion and Arab nationalism”.
From then on writing became a hobby, almost a necessity.

I then began to travel with my family, visiting countries and cities each unique and specific to its own setting. I developed an interest in capturing moments, paying attention to small detail, and reflecting on learnings, experiences and memories.

All of the above combined with elements of fashion, obsession with music, love for food, excitement for adventure, passion for photography, curiosity for architecture, art and history and fascination with cultures, differences and individuality has led me to ‘jet set’ and explore.

I’m about to embark on what is yet to be the most adventurous time in my life, so let the fun begin!



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  1. You are so beautiful!!!


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