Dear Lisbon,

I’ll express her visually, they say a picture says a thousand words.
She’s close to her people’s hearts; they talk about her as a strong woman, one with curves and attitude.

Lisbon is a city with colourful buildings and hills, she is beautiful.
Once a broken soul, she’s old. Now built new, you can’t break down her fierceness, they won’t let you.

Art is a huge part of her, creative and individual.
Her emotions are expressed through her Graffitied walls, if you look close, they each say something.
She’s born to be photographed and snapped away, even the details on her exterior are romantic & bald.


What you’ll do is this:

– Eat FABULOUS Tarts in Belem at Pasteis de Belem.
– If you want a nice dinner hot spot, this is popular with a wait, it’s called Taberna.
– For GREAT Portuguese Chicken, a recommended local casual is Frangasqueria Nacional.
– And if you have time, do a walking tour, you get to see what your eyes naturally miss.

Love Love

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