Ola, Barcelona !

Barcelona is heaven of beautiful food, architecture, history and scenery. Few years back I visited this city under a different shade of youth, one that I remember for it’s party life and beaches. This time I’ve explored the city more romantically with the one I love; a touch of softness as we’ve roamed around the streets and learned bit by bit of how it all came about.

With extensive research ( I just learnt that my husband is an excellent researcher )  we’ve been able to find great places to eat, stay and visit. Here’s our top picks:

Things To Do:

  • Hotel recommended to stay at is El Palace, Barcelona 1991 – the lobby is enough to make you enjoy your trip.
  • Visit the Sagrada Familia, wow wow wow, spectacular.
  • Visit the Magic Fountain of Montjuic but make sure you research in advance when the light show is on.
  • Art lovers, the Museum Nacional D’Art De Catalunya is a MUST see!
  • Keep your eyes open for Guadi’s work around the city.
  • Walk around the La Rambla, a standard tourist attraction.
  • For a touch of casual food visit Mercado de la Boqueria Markets located in the hub of the city and taste fruits and local meats.

Places to Eat:
  • Alsur Cafe for Breakfast / Brunch
  • Brunch & Cake for Breakfast / Brunch
  • La Pepita for Breakfast / Brunch
  • Tosca for Lunch / Dinner
  • Ciudad condal for Lunch / Dinner
Spain is known for it’s Churros, here’s the favourites we came across:
  • Granja Dulcinea Xocolateria, good chocolate but average Churros.
  • Granja M. Viader, Churros and Creme Catalana, excellent, our TOP pick.
  • Churreria J.Balcells, casual but really good chocolate
We tried few Paellas but are yet to find a really good spot, putting our money on Madrid.  It was a memorable time, a great city and that’s a wrap from Barc and onto the next ..



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