Queenstown, my come back.


Hello, it’s me, it’s been a while. A year of celebrations and successes has left me with little words, being settled is a new feeling, even to me. I contemplated quitting, instead I made it a new year goal to find more time to read and write and less time to be on the phone possibly, it always ends up with a guilty pleasure.

To overlook mountains and greens here in the beautiful city of Queenstown has been on the bucket list for a while, a forbidden territory that I dared not to cross, but it happened that by chance I did, and yes, it’s as perfect as I’ve been told.

For someone who thrives on the buzz of the city, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air and silence, more than I ever have before. It’s fair to say that the city’s scenic views are incredible, I’ve never seen a place more picturesque, more assembled, just right.

What to cover off? The town of Queenstown itself, Arrowtown (a touch of markets), Wanaka (farms and gardens), Cromwell, and Glenorchy ( a spectacular view of brown, blue and green). Few more days to go and few more places to see and what better to start the New Year than here.


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