In few more minutes …

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 8.11.07 AM

Twenty-seven years ago,
Born was an emotionally led, patient and focused boy, now a man.
Somebody I’m lucky enough to laugh and dance with, incroyable.

Everything and more, he is

Humble. Adorable. Proud. Playful. Youthful

Big –hearted. Incredible. Respectful. Talkative. Honest. Devoted. Attractive. Yummy

Zesty. Active. Intelligent. Detailed

I didn’t know him then, but I love him now x




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2 responses to “In few more minutes …

  1. Rima

    Awwwwww !! Love !


  2. Hind

    Awwwwww cute!!!!


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