One of the most interesting concepts we follow is tradition. I was recently involved in a discussion about the relevance of maintaining tradition and why we do things for the sake of doing them?

A simple google search defines tradition as “the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way”. Using this season as the perfect example, we indulge as a whole in traditions, meaning, we consume a lot of food and exchange gifts, perhaps dress a certain way, use certain colours and blindly follow the same mannerisms we’ve been conditioned to from a young age – unless one chooses to rebel.

The variety of traditions is a fascinating phenomenon. With purpose, they are created to mark a celebration – belonging, joy, emotion, composure, faith, initiation, ending, or various other reasons.

“Do you remember when?” – yep. It goes to show that some of the most memorable moments experienced in a group is linked to tradition. It may not make any sense at times, but it’s arguably the most simple and magical way to commemorate.

Growing up, on the 14th of every September my family would light up a small bonfire to jump over with the neighborhood kids in celebration of the ‘Feast of the Cross’, that’s one of my favourite traditions, what’s yours?

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