Boys and girls,

In the history of man kind, there is a theory of a man and woman cannot co-exist in one confined space at a level deeper than “Hello, how you doin’?” – well Minto, I think we’ve just broken record.

The 1st of August is generally an ordinary day, but it’s been 8 years in the making that I’m constantly reminded of how special this particular day is on all our calendars. Normally, I would disagree, but the truth sets you free and today this is my public declaration for my constant appreciation to my dearest friend.

You see, I’ve been lucky. It’s not often a woman has the key to a man’s mind, I do. He tells it to me as it is, raw with no filters, and complete disregard of how I would react.  Realistically, it’s funny, other times it’s kind, most of the time it’s outrageously shocking, often it’s harsh *ouch*, and in the odd occasion it’s appropriate. Did you know that when a lady sees X, a man could be seeing it as Y?

Most people (normal people) would eventually tire from looking at gym selfies, dance routines, images of female figures and backsides, but not me. Why you ask? Because there’s more than the eye meets. My experience tells me that the positives outweigh the unfavourable.

_____________________Auction Commences____________________

Dear female,

Place your bids. We have ourself an intelligent, and righteous man. Someone who is a visionary but  too realistic at the same time (he’s crushed many of my dreams). Loyalty is key, don’t over step it or you’re dead. And as painfully difficult for me to write out these next few words, Mint, you’re always right.

From the ‘Girl on fire’ moments, to the ‘Single ladies’ and ‘Blurred lines’, in Sydney, the seas of Croatia or the parties in Mykonos they be envious, cz they never had a friend like me, or you?

Happy Birthday xxx


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