Bonjour, not from France!

Naturally, there’s little panic when a person of my height has to slightly bend to enter an aeroplane. Good news is, it was a smooth sky ride, a private personal jet as I’d like to think of it, going from New York city to Canada, Montreal.

I’m not one to admire the bird eye views whilst flying, but today I decided to be a dare devil and peak outside, only to find a perfectly gridded landscape with blues and greens, and flat roof buildings.

It’s a city like Berlin, one explained. The lack of urgency is refreshing. Streets are covered with art, graffiti, puzzles and much more. Rumour has it, the night life is not one to miss, so there’s still a little discovery to do.

Au revoir!


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One response to “Bonjour, not from France!

  1. Great shots! Where is this outdoor chest game? Been living in Mtl all my life, never seen it! Enjoy this beautiful city 🙂


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