Marcia Turns Old

Never have I ever done more stupid things with anybody than I have with this lady. Child- like, bubbly, contagious, intelligent, kind, and cheesy is what this beautiful woman is all about. As I publicly celebrate her Twenty- Sixth birthday,  it goes without saying that after ten years of friendship, she’s a person I call home.

Now, what about her and I that lead to this point?

1- Getting kicked out of ‘Homeroom’ during prayer time for laughing – holy bad.
2- The painful silences that lead to inappropriate laughter 98% of the time. The rest is a strategy that we developed to think of unfortunate events in one’s minds for control purposes, i.e. death, illness, and / or world tragedy.
3- Late night coffee sessions to concur the life changing HSC – ‘DING’. Yes, yes, now she’d be thinking I still beat you by 0.45 of a mark, but life is unfair at times, I was always 0.5 ahead during school.
4- Her undying love for Stephen & the constant battle of “Why does he get to see you more than me” – I’m selfish with those I love.
5- We shared the ‘Curly’ hair mousse situation – what on earth were we thinking?
6- Then uni happened, that’s when I consumed 60-80% of her time discussing what I now see as rather irrelevant things, today I sincerely apologise.
7- All the world’s energy combined over 10 years trying to teach her to be on something called T I M E.
8- What turned into a radio joke, lead to a fairytale ending.
9- The unattractive wink and wine that leads to other unfortunate events.
10- Our passion for being ‘cheesy, expressive and emotional’. Some may call me extreme & sickening, others may describe it as a human quality (laughing out loud), although between the two of us Marcia is definitely the sweetest cake in the bakery. Sometimes I even need a glass of water to take it down.

If was to list the good things I’d need a life time so I’ll give it a miss since ain’t no body got time. But If was to say one final thing it’s well wishes that I send, and smiles that I hope for, and success is what I wish in future.

Happy Birthday Woman xx


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  1. ashleygwendolyne

    your hair looks so good!

    please check out and follow if you like it


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