Adrenaline meets c(8)mpetition

As a temporary cheerleader, I sat and watched the final of one fast paced indoor soccer game. Unfortunately, the skill is one thing that I’m not too familiar with to mention; but what I do recognise is one’s competitive nature and passion for the game which I choose to discuss.

Without hesitation I would say that for the player on the field it makes no difference whether he/she had a stadium full of a cheering crowd or few people on the corner, for a seconds you transform to become Ronaldo on the field, unstoppable, and focused on execution to achieve results.

Don’t be fooled, I do speak from experience. Did you know that I was once a very useless (and by useless I mean an unskillful) member of a mixed team, but hey, I still had a part to play.

This brings me onto my next point, the desire to win. It’s always cute to be second best, but it’s not victory, and it feels no where as good as winning – period. Some argue that ‘winning’ is overrated and sport is about ‘trying’ and ‘effort’, but please, what feels better than owning the hard work you’ve put in. It’s that hunger, energy, frustration and the desperate desire to win that drives one to push with hope to seek reward.

It’s probably not a good idea to teach your children the competitive edge of things, but leave the principles and morals for the other things in life. When sport comes into play, it’s about being on top, it’s about winning, and it’s about owning that final cup for gratification.

I dare you to disagree!


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