Is Telepathy a myth?


Inspired by a post seen on KissMeStupidMag, the subject of telepathy is to be discussed.

And so…

I closed my eyes and spoke to you
In a thousand, silent ways.

In darkness I created my own light
I danced with you as I desired.

It’s defined as the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas, by means other than the known senses. The word itself represents feeling, perception, passion, affliction and experience.

Research has found that humans have more than the standard five known senses, and I agree, we are complex. The difference is that some are more heightened than others but who’s to say having more is favourable. Being in touch with the standard five at their maximum capacity is wonderful, it’s when you cross over to the sixth you could potentially begin to struggle.

What do you do then?

I turn to him to express my one hundredth sense, but I beg, If (al-)fuṣḥá isn’t your strength then don’t proceed, the song deserves respect.


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