Never ever is ..

And wouldn’t it be boring if it was?

It’s the depth in each of us that shapes the ‘what seems’ in our surroundings. We are focused on first impressions, and so, we formulate an immediate judgement based on what the person ‘seems’ to be.

How many times have you heard people say “He/she seems nice” after a 5 minute briefing- oh what an average thing to say. Holding a conversation and smiling does not make you nice, it simply means you are socially mannered.

While people watching I condemned few on what they seem without realising it. Sitting directly opposite a man that ‘seems’ unhappy could be far from the truth. He could well in fact be much more content than I am even if I smiled from ear to ear.

The intoxicating mixture of ‘what seems’ and ‘what is’ is a powerful dynamic. After all, humans are like onions. It’s known that we have layers and for this reason the ‘what seems’ could just be the most basic layer of the many underneath.

Here's a fun fact: 10 in 7.22 billion people really know me. The rest are opinions based on the person I seem to be.                    Interesting eh!

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