Maybe not a thousand words

A single photo is creative art. We tend to capture moments that generate certain feelings based on an experience, a view, a taste, a memory, and things tangible and often intangible.

From then on we share images, we caption photos, we view and review each moment countless times so that the audience can appreciate the beauty in what was and what is.

In recent times social media platforms have turned the world’s population into photographers. There’s the notion that we’ve become self-obsessed, we are all foodies, everybody loves to travel, and with no surprise did you know that “not all those who wander are lost”; the most overused quote in history.

We entertain the idea that our popularity is determined based on the number of followers, our skills on the number of likes, and our ‘cool’ radar in comparisons with the lives of our fellow social media users. But that does not have to be the case at all.

It’s proven that there is more than the eye meets. A picture is a highlight of a single second, one that would have had an instant effect on you, on him, on her, or on them. It’s the perfect form of self-expression but it does not define you nor does it give away everything about you. Sharing that single moment does not mean that you are perfect, smiling in a photo does not mean that one is necessarily happy just as a picture of your lunch plate doesn’t make you Curtis Stone.

Why are we made to feel guilty when sharing a moment? It can be simple. You saw something, it instigated something, it was documented, and subsequently the experience was later shared with friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

Refer to the image above:

What you see: A photo taken without prior warning, more than a smile which indicates something would have been very funny, and nature.

In theory: I could have laughed till the end of time but would have 20 million unrelated, and not so funny thoughts running through my mind whilst attempting to take a photo.

What was: After attempting 10 jump shots and epically failing, this moment captured my experience with my fellow traveller.

Why share it: I think the contrasting colours of the leaves are beautiful; it was a good moment shared with a friend and so for a single second it captured my experience on this day back in London, 2014.

What do you think?


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One response to “Maybe not a thousand words

  1. Rima

    Hmmm I know what you mean… And although you may upload a photo based on the above reasons, I still think that a lot of people upload photos now a days to feel ‘popular’ and ‘accepted’ etc… That may not be their intention to begin with, but by doing so, the ‘likes’ they recieve feed their ego, and so the cycle continues.

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