Sydney Siege

It’s unbelievable to see that one person can stop a whole nation. The impact is still rumbling like the aftershock of an earthquake. Hours of anticipation and terror stumbled upon all consumed by such an event, resulting with nothing but fatal consequences.

I question justice for those that have been innocently killed but first for the many women previously assaulted and families disrespected by Man Haron Monis. Why wasn’t justice served when the identity of a unit, an individual, and a dangerous citizen, irrelevant to religious affiliation or national background were reported, identified, and recorded? Why do we come to our senses and exercise the best defence tactics when it’s too little too late?

With deep sadness we farewell and honor the two innocent lives lost due to state negligence and mental instability lead by a false and narrow view of fundamentalism. The justice system tiptoes around “human rights” and “freedom of speech” but as citizens we have the right to be protected at ANY cost. With a solid criminal history I believe that this man or any other that has the ability to cause harm should not be free under ANY circumstance.

But its not always fair. In this moment let’s also remember the 150 innocent lives of students and adults killed and injured recently in Pakistan. This is one of many other tragedies that are happening world wide.

Naturally it’s easier to blame than to comprehend fact and truth, in particular during times of hardship. As cliché as this sounds Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Therefore before you speak it’s important to understand, to learn and to think for a simple mind could do more damage than good.

With respect deepest condolences to the lives lost. In thoughts and in prayers. RIP!


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