The notion of trust

Someone once said to me that you you’ll say yes without reservation and I’ll choose not to go without hesitation and that’s how it should go.

We discussed the nature of trust. In contradiction to the above statement it’s known that secrets are necessary for survival so this simply means that we as humans are hypocritical beings. We demand full trust but frown upon the full truth. We settle for a white lie as though it’s perfectly acceptable.

In any given relationship to love someone is one thing but to fully trust is scared to the core.

A three hour delayed flight has led an elderly couple to sit beside me and cuddle, seeking not affection but body warmth. A simple gesture leaves no doubt in my mind that it is impossible for these two not to trust each other blindly. It could be an ambiguous statement but it feels way too real not to be true.

But hey, the joke could be on me. As for the time being it’s one thing that I’ve learnt and that is trusting an airline to be on time is a relationship you wouldn’t bet on!


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