Politely rude

Yesterday, a mini argument on the tube between two people gave me the chuckles. Why you ask?

Fact: Man trying to exit the train at his destination but accidentally bumps into another passenger.

A Englishman’s fight goes like this ..

Man 1: “Excuse me, you have a voice you could have just said please for me to move instead of push me over”
Man 2: “Sir, I didn’t push you over, I was simple trying to get out”
Man 1: “Oh, so you do have a voice, maybe use it”
Man 2: “I wasn’t trying to be rude, it was an accident”
… Then walks off.

Few would see the humor in this as all I could think of in that split moment what the conversation would have been like if this was on a train in Sydney’s West.

My imagination ran wild and found myself with three different scenarios whilst trying to replicate this incident. It was a funny start to the day…


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