My Picks: World Press Photo 2014

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It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words

Image one by Denis Dailleux
2nd Prize Staged Portraits

Egyptian bodybuilders pose with their mother. In Egypt, perfecting one’s physique is a popular pursuit, and can be a source of a family pride.

Image two by Andrea Bruce
USA, Noor of The New York Times
2nd Prize Daily Life Singles

People mourn the death of a 24- year old Syrian Army lieutenant, in a village in the coastal province of Latakia. The soldier has been killed in an ambush at the other end of the county. Support for the government was strong in the region, and the solider and his family were Alawites, members of the same religious group as Bashar Al- Assad, the Syrian president. Fatalities in the Syrian conflict at the time were thought to exceed 100,000, but figures were extremely hard to verify because of access on the ground to independent observers.

Image three by Markus Schreiber
1st Prize Observed Portraits

A woman is turned away disappointed at the close of the third and final day of the lying- in- state of former South African president Nelson Mandela, at the Union Building in Pretoria, on 13 December. Nelson Mandela has died on 5 December at the age of 95, after  prolonged respiratory infection. Over 100,000 people lined up to pay respects to the former leader, but many were unable to gain access in time to file past the casket.

Image four by Fred Ramos
El Salvador
First Prize Life Stories

El Salvador has one of the highest homicide rates in the world, much of it gang related. In many cases, the only way of identifying murder victims is by clothes they were buried in.


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