Is chivalry really dead?

A strange encounter with a very cheerful bus driver this week got me thinking about the below…

There is simply nothing more attractive than a gesture of kindness or an indication of good mannerisms. This may be foreign for some as nowadays we command simple courtesy, one that should be standard.

Passengers were confused (including myself) when the driver individually greeted each person as they stepped on the bus. Half way through the journey he apologised loudly for being ‘cheerful and polite’ – but why was it such an odd thing?

To think we live in a society where politness could be portrayed as a sign of weakness and friendliness as way of flirting is poor. Subsequently dear man, opening a door could really take you far, and dear woman, always carry yourself like a lady, in a tough world being delicate surely sets you apart!


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One response to “Is chivalry really dead?

  1. Chivalry lives! Chivalrous til death! People need to raise their standards

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