AAAmsterdam !


“My first command can’t be to undo my father’s last” he said as we drove into Amsterdam. For movie enthusiasts I’ll leave that line for you to figure out but in the mean time it seems ironic when arriving into one of the most progressive cities in Europe.

It’s no secret that the wrongs of the world are the rights in Amsterdam. Even the farmer doing a cheese and clog demonstration says and I quote “man not naughty he’s no man” .. Hmm I wonder how accurate his opinion is and isn’t it about equality so why single the females out?

Here’s an interesting fact, the Dutch introduced Tea and Jin. Given that my love for tea is undying and unconditional I have a new found respect for this nation.

A lot can happen in Amsterdam so reality is there is a high probability that your father’s commands will be undone. Good news is you can buy a pair of clogs to walk around in as a weapon of distraction, and so Amsterdam becomes nothing but white noise.


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