The John Lennon Wall


Prague is a fairytale destination; beautiful & classic but also youthful. It’s the John Lennon wall which contributes to the funk of the city. Symbolising freedom and rebellion against the communist regime in the 1980’s, it’s now one of the coolest sites to visit.

Covered in graffiti, it’s so facinating to see how many personal memories and friendship moments are documented in lyric and words. Some may call him odd but he wanted nothing more than equality, peace and freedom for all and so this landmark is filled with messages of love, hope, and good times.

The complexity of his mind would be interesting to study, although I believe that he found his personal freedom in Yoko Ono as controversial as it was. It is true what the Beatles say,”if you love somebody, you can’t be with them enough”.



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2 responses to “The John Lennon Wall

  1. Ughh Prague has been a top destination on my long lost of places to visit for years now. Cannot wait to make my way overseas!!!


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