My question to Hitler

Munich, Germany

A vast blanket of white covered Dachau Concentration Camp site last Sunday morning; seemingly fitting for it’s unjust history.

Later in the afternoon, the sunshine shone over Munich city, beaming over it’s coloured buildings and lively crowd. Though it is the pretzel bakeries and beer cafés that seem to map this city.

But let’s talk about Hitler for just a moment (just as well my train stopped due to technical difficulties as I typed that sentence). He was a man with destructive power, one that is incomprehensible, so if I were to ask him one question and base it on his intelligence level I just really want to know did the multiple women he had relations with really dig that horrid moustache of his.

What would you ask?


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One response to “My question to Hitler

  1. I’d ask if he had any regrets throughout his life.


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