This very moment ..


This very moment is a moment that I’ve imagined, played in my mind over and over again and wondered if it was possible, but I can now say that my simple dream has come true.

It is on my own, in Paris, in the rain that I’ve dreamed of, so this very moment it’s raining, it’s cold, it’s dark and I am sitting at a café, listening to Jazz music, sipping tea and writing so this very moment my dream is reality.

To talk about something right now would be deceiving so I’ll make it personal. To those who have heard me speak about this for over ten years all I can say is if you dream it, you believe it, with limits you can achieve it.

I am left with the challenge of walking back in this pouring rain but in this very moment if I was to choose to be drenched anywhere, Paris city would be it!


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