The desire to want more, just like Paris!

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Basic human nature tells us that the more you see something it becomes ordinary and so eventually it perceived as the norm. My recent discoveries have proven this theory false.

I have found that there are particular individuals, cities, and personal valuables that the more you see of; the more you want. Intriguingly fascinating and consuming they become, you could almost call it a weakness.

It was just over a year ago that I saw Paris for the first time. My eyes saw what the world sees; it’s a visually beautiful city. This time however I see in a different light, Paris is much more than what the eye meets. I can’t explain it but the sensation of being alone and lost in this city is just enough to keep me wanting more.

The question is when does it reach the limit and how can I want it all when it is just seconds, minutes, hours and days is all that I have?



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2 responses to “The desire to want more, just like Paris!

  1. Beautiful city but wait until you get to know Parisians if you don’t speak French…:)))


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